Artigos em periódicos 2017

  1. A Brazilian Bentonite Previously Treated with Benzalkonium Chloride Reduces Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Growth – JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY AND MYCOLOGY
  2. A novel approach for the production and purification of mannosylerylthritol lipids (MEL) by Pseudozyma tsukubaensis using cassava wastewater as substrate – SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY
  3. A Novel Functional Fruit/Vegetable Beverage for the Elderly: Development and Evaluation of Different Preservation Processes on Functional and Enriched Components and Microorganisms – JOURNAL OF FOOD RESEARCH
  4. A novel route for manufacturing asymmetric BSCF-based perovskite structures by a combined tape and freeze casting method – JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
  5. A review on enzymatic synthesis of aromatic esters used as flavor ingredients for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries – TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
  6. A two-step enzymatic strategy to produce ethyl esters using frying oil as substrate – INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
  7. Acidity reduction of enzymatic biodiesel using alkaline washing – RENEWABLE ENERGY
  8. Adsorption of arsenate, phosphate and humic acids onto acicular goethite nanoparticles recovered from acid mine drainage – JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  9. Adsorption of heavy metals from wastewater graphic industry using clinoptilolite zeolite as adsorbent – PROCESS SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
  10. Adsorptive desulfurization of heavy naphthenic oil: Equilibrium and kinetic studies – CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE
  11. Advances in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene/hydroxyapatite composites for biomedical applications: A brief review – MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS
  12. Amorphous SiO2 ambigels as hosts for simulated PWR multicomponent nuclear waste – JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS
  13. An estimate of quartz content and particle size in porcelain tiles from young’s modulus measurements – CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
  14. An explicit correlation for optimal TiO2 film thickness in immobilized photocatalytic reaction systems – CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
  15. An overview on the application of genus Chlorella in biotechnological processes – JOURNAL OF ADVANCED RESEARCH IN BIOTECHNOLOGY
  16. An overview on the production of microbial copper nanoparticles by bacteria, fungi and algae – GLOBAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCHES IN ENGINEERING
  17. Analysis of heat and mass transfer in diffusion flame reactors coupled with aerodynamic lenses – CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN
  18. Analysis of Slag Formation During UF 4 Magnesiothermic Reduction – NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY
  19. Analytical validation of an ultraviolet-visible procedure for determining lutein concentration and application to lutein-loaded nanoparticles – FOOD CHEMISTRY
  20. Antibacterial polyamide obtained by the incorporation of glass microparticles doped with ionic zinc and by zinc oxide nanoparticle: Evaluation with Salmonella typhimurium and Staphylococcus aureus – JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE
  21. Application of polyurethane foam chitosan-coated as a low-cost adsorbent in the effluent treatment – JOURNAL OF WATER PROCESS ENGINEERING
  22. Assessment of process variables on the use of macauba pulp oil as feedstock for the continuous production of ethyl esters under pressurized conditions – BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  23. Bacterial nanocellulose-IKVAV hydrogel matrix modulates melanoma tumor cell adhesion and proliferation and induces vasculogenic mimicry in vitro – JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART B-APPLIED BIOMATERIALS
  24. Bentonite modified with zinc enhances aflatoxin B1 adsorption and increase survival of fibroblasts (3T3) and epithelial colorectal adenocarcinoma cells (Caco-2) – JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
  25. Bentonites functionalized by impregnation with TiO2 , Ag, Pd and Au nanoparticles – APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
  26. Bioscouring and bleaching of knitted cotton fabrics in one-step process using enzymatically generated hydrogen peroxide – CANADIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  27. Biosurfactant production by Trametes versicolor grown on two-phase olive mill waste in solid-state fermentation – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  28. Biossíntese e caracterização de nanocelulose bacteriana para engenharia de tecidos – MATERIA-RIO DE JANEIRO
  29. Cation Exchange Prediction Model for Copper Binding onto Raw Brown Marine Macro-algae Ascophyllum nodosum: Batch and Fixed-Bed Studies – CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
  30. Cellulase immobilization on magnetic nanoparticles encapsulated in polymer nanospheres – BIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING
  31. Characterization and production of banana crop and rice processing waste briquettes – ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRESS & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY
  32. Characterization of silver nanoparticles produced by biosynthesis mediated by Fusarium oxysporum under different processing conditions – BIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING
  33. Characterization of the Performance and Catalytic Activity of Lysozyme from Chicken Egg Submitted to Permanent Magnetic Field – INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH
  34. Chemical profiles of essential oils of marjoram (Origanum majorana) and oregano (Origanum vulgare) obtained by hydrodistillation and supercritical CO– JOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL RESEARCH
  35. Chemical resistance of core-shell particles (PS/PMMA) polymerized by seeded suspension – POLÍMEROS-CIENCIA E TECNOLOGIA
  36. Combustion of pistachio shell: physicochemical characterization and evaluation of kinetic parameters – ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH
  37. Comparison of macauba and soybean oils as substrates for the enzymatic biodiesel production in ultrasound-assisted system – ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY
  38. Co-precipitation of trans-resveratrol in PHBV using Solution Enhanced Dispersion by Supercritical Fluids technique – JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS
  39. Design of Cross-Linked Starch Nanocapsules for Enzyme-Triggered Release of Hydrophilic Compounds – PROCESSES
  40. Desolventizing of soybean oil/azeotrope mixtures using ceramic membranes – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  41. Desolventizing of Jatropha curcas oil from azeotropes of solvents using ceramic membranes – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  42. Determination of Uranium Traces in Nuclear Reactor IEA-R1 Pool Water – WORLD JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  43. Development of flexible sensors using knit fabrics with conductive polyaniline coating and graphite electrodes – JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE
  44. Development of geopolymeric structures to prioritize the use of waste from paper industries – CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA DOS MATERIAIS
  45. Direct contact membrane distillation for textile wastewater treatment: a state of the art review – WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  46. Edible films from mucilage of Cereus hildmannianus fruits: Development and characterization – JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE
  47. Efeito de Aditivo Defloculante no Processamento de Massa para a Obtenção de Blocos Cerâmicos Estruturais – CERÂMICA INDUSTRIAL
  48. Effect of Al(OH)3 on the Sintering of UO2-Gd2O3 Fuel Pellets with Addition of U3O8 from Recycle – JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS
  49. Effect of compressed fluids on the enzymatic activity and structure of lysozyme – JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS
  50. Effect of drying method on mechanical, thermal and water absorption properties of enzymatically crosslinked gelatin hydrogels – ANAIS DA ACADEMIA BRASILEIRA DE CIENCIAS
  51. Effect of high-pressure carbon dioxide processing on the inactivation of aerobic mesophilic bacteria and Escherichia coli in human milk – CYTA-JOURNAL OF FOOD
  52. Effect of LZSA Glass-Ceramic Addition on Pressureless Sintered Alumina. Part I: Grain Growth – MATERIALS RESEARCH
  53. Effect of porosity on the manufacturing of U3O8-Al dispersion fuel plates – PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY
  54. Electrospun PLLA Membranes for Caffeine Delivery: Diffusional Approach – JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
  55. Enhanced Ozonation Degradation of Petroleum Refinery Wastewater in the Presence of Oxide Nanocatalysts – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  56. Enzymatic extraction of oil from yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) by-products: a comparison with other extraction methods – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (Print)
  57. Enzymatic reuse of simulated dyeing process effluent using horseradish peroxidase – CANADIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  58. Enzymatic ring opening copolymerization of globalide and ε -caprolactone under supercritical conditions – JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS
  59. Enzymatic ring opening polymerization of ω-Pentadecalactone in different solvents in a variable-volume view reactor – JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY
  60. Enzymatic ring opening polymerization of ω-pentadecalactone using supercritical carbon dioxide – THE JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS
  61. Enzymatic synthesis of ascorbyl ester derived from linoleic acid – BIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING
  62. Enzymatically crosslinked gelatin coating added of bioactive nanoparticles and antifungal agent: Effect on the quality of Benitaka grapes – LWT-FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  63. Estudo de composições cerâmicas à base de alumina e vitrocerâmico do sistema LZSA para obtenção de estruturas multicamadas por tape casting – CERÂMICA
  64. Estudo de Propriedades Mecânicas de Placas Cerâmicas Fotovoltaicas para Aplicação em Fachadas Ventiladas – CERÂMICA INDUSTRIAL
  65. Evolution of fuel plate parameters during deformation in rolling – JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS
  66. Extraction, chemical characterization and antioxidant activity of Litchi chinensis Sonn. and Avena sativa L. seeds extracts obtained from pressurized n-butane – JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MYSORE
  67. Fatty acid profile of pecan nut oils obtained from pressurized n-butane and cold pressing compared with commercial oils – JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MYSORE
  68. Ferramentas Computacionais como Recurso Didático no Curso de Engenharia Química – REVISTA ELETRÔNICA ENGENHARIA VIVA
  69. Fitting semi-empirical drying models using a tool based on wavelet neural networks: Modeling a maize drying process – JOURNAL OF FOOD PROCESS ENGINEERING
  70. Free and Ca-Alginate Beads Immobilized Horseradish Peroxidase for the Removal of Reactive Dyes: an Experimental and Modeling Study – APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
  71. Gelatin-coated paper with antimicrobial and antioxidant effect for beef packaging – FOOD PACKAGING AND SHELF LIFE
  72. Geopolymeric Cements Obtained by Alkaline Activation of Aluminosilicates from Industrial Waste – MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM
  73. Geopolymers obtained from bottom ash as source of aluminosilicate cured at room temperature – CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS
  74. Growth modeling of the green microalga Scenedesmus obliquus in a hybrid photobioreactor as a practical tool to understand both physical and biochemical phenomena in play during algae cultivation – BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING
  75. Heavy gas oil biodesulfurization by Rhodococcus erythropolis ATCC 4277: optimized culture medium composition and evaluation of low‐cost alternative media –  JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
  76. Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolite A Using Amorphous Gel from Industrial Reagents – MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM
  77. Immobilization of laccase from Aspergillus oryzae on graphene nanosheets – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES
  78. Immobilization of Moniliella spathulata R25L270 lipaseonIonic, Hydrophobic and Covalent Supports: Functional Properties and Hydrolysis of Sardine Oil – MOLECULES
  79. Improved tympanic membrane regeneration after myringoplastic surgery using an artificial biograft – MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING. C, BIOMIMETIC MATERIALS, SENSORS AND SYSTEMS (Print)
  80. In Vitro Biocompatibility and Macrophage Uptake Assays of Poly(Urea-Urethane) Nanoparticles Obtained by Miniemulsion Polymerization – JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY (Print)
  81. Industrial Wastes as Alternative Mineral Addition in Portland Cement and as Aggregate in Coating Mortars – MATERIALS RESEARCH-IBERO-AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MATERIALS
  82. Influence of porous structures on O2 flux of BSCF asymmetric membranes – SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY (Print)
  83. Influence of synthesis parameters on sol-gel transition and physical properties of Nb2O5 mesoporous ambigels – JOURNAL OF SOL-GEL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  84. Influence of the Location of the Internal Temperature Control Loop on the Performance of the Dual Temperature Control for Feed Temperature Disturbance – CHEMICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING QUARTERLY
  85. Influência da ativação química com NaOH e CH3COOH em carvão ativado de casca de coco na adsorção do corante reativo remazol preto 5 – QUÍMICA TÊXTIL
  86. Inhibition of an enriched culture of ammonia oxidizing bacteria by two different nanoparticles: Silver and magnetite – SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
  87. Iron-Carbon Core-Shell Nanoparticles Obtained with Different Conditions of Synthesis – MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM
  88. Isolated Pseudomonas Aeruginosa from Mining Site: Proteome Changes Due to Presence of Copper – CURRENT TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
  89. Kinetic of orange pigment production from Monascus ruber on submerged fermentation – BIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING
  90. Kinetics of the oxidation reactions and decomposition of pyrite – CERÂMICA
  91. Lipase-catalyzed ethanolysis of Jatropha curcas L. oil assisted by ultrasonication – BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  92. Liquefied petroleum gas as solvent medium for the treatment of immobilized pectinases – BIOCATALYSIS AND AGRICULTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY
  93. Liquid nitrogen pretreatment of eucalyptus sawdust and rice hull for enhanced enzymatic saccharification – BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY
  94. Magnetite nanoparticles influence the ammonium-oxidizing bacteria activity during nitritation process – WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  95. Manufacturing low enriched uranium metal by magnesiothermic reduction of UF4 – ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY
  96. Manufacturing of SiO2-Coated β-TCP Structures by 3D Printing using a Preceramic Polymer as Printing Binder and Silica Source – JOURNAL OF CERAMIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  97. Mathematical modeling of molecular weight distribution in miniemulsion polymerization with oil-soluble initiator – AICHE JOURNAL
  98. Measures Against Aflatoxin B1: a brief review about the use of flavonoids and clays – BIOTEMAS
  99. Method Validation for Progesterone Determination in Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanoparticles Synthesized via Miniemulsion Polymerization – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE
  100. Micromixing effects on the dynamic behavior of continuous free-radical solution polymerization tank reactors – APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
  101. Micronization of N-acetylcysteine by supercritical fluid: Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo biological activity – JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS
  102. Microwave-assisted synthesis and dielectric properties of Al2O3-MgAl2O4 spinel composites from ironsand – JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS
  103. Molecular Level Processing of Si-(B)-C Materials with Tailored Nano/Microstructures – CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
  104. Monomer-in-water miniemulsions by membrane emulsification – CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING
  105. Ni(OH)2 Aerogels Incorporated with Polypyrrole as Electrodes for Supercapacitors – JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS
  106. Optimizing Alternative Substrate for Simultaneous Production of Surfactin and 2,3-Butanediol by Bacillus subtilis LB5a – JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
  107. Optimal Production of a Rhodococcus erythropolis ATCC 4277 Biocatalyst for Biodesulfurization and Biodenitrogenation Applications – APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
  108. Ozone Treatment of Tannery Wastewater Monitored by Conventional and Substance Specific Wastewater Analyses – OZONE-SCIENCE & ENGINEERING
  109. Photocatalytic ceramic tiles: Challenges and technological solutions – JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
  110. Photocatalytic degradation of polyvinylpyrrolidone in aqueous solution using TiO2/H2O2/UV system – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  111. Photolytic insertion of albumin on activated carbon modified with ozone – JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B-BIOLOGY
  112. Photosensible Spiropyrans used as Thermal Sensor – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS
  113. Physicochemical and biological assessment of PEEK composites embedding natural amorphous silica fibers for biomedical applications –  MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS
  114. Physicochemical Characterization of Waste from Vegetal Extracts Industry for Use as Briquettes – WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
  115. Phytochemical profile, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of extracts obtained from erva-mate (Ilex paraguariensis) fruit using compressed propane and supercritical CO2 – JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MYSORE
  116. PLLA/PMMA blend in polymer nanoparticles: influence of processing methods – COLLOID AND POLYMER SCIENCE
  117. Poly(thioether-ester) nanoparticles entrapping clove oil for antioxidant activity improvement – JOURNAL OF POLYMER RESEARCH
  118. Polyunsaturated ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids, total carotenoids and antioxidant activity of three marine microalgae extracts obtained by supercritical CO 2 and subcritical n -butane -JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS
  119. Porous Cu/YSZ anodes processed by aqueous tape casting for IT-SOFC – JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
  120. Potencial de sorção do bagaço da cana-de-açúcar na contenção e remoção de derramamento de petróleo e derivados – ENGEVISTA (UFF)
  121. Preparation and photocatalytic activity of chemically-bonded phosphate ceramics containing TiO2 – APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
  122. Procedimentos para colheita de amostras e análises laboratoriais de micotoxinas presentes em dietas humanas e animais – PUBVET (Londrina)
  123. Processing of Copper Based Foil Hardened with Zirconia by Non-Deformation Method – MATERIALS RESEARCH-IBERO-AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MATERIALS
  124. Production of uranium tetrafluoride from the effluent generated in the reconversion via ammonium uranyl carbonate – NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
  125. Production of vitreous materials from mineral coal bottom ash to minimize the pollution resulting from the waste generated by the thermoelectrical industry – BOLETIN DE LA SOCIEDAD ESPANOLA DE CERAMICA Y VIDRIO
  126. Rapid determination of flavonoids and phenolic acids in grape juices and wines by RP-HPLC/DAD: Method validation and characterization of commercial products of the new Brazilian varieties of grape – FOOD CHEMISTRY
  127. Reactive Site Model of the Reduction of SO2 on Graphite – JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C
  128. Recovery techniques of industrial waste stemmed from white paper pulping process to obtain metakaolin – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MINERAL PROCESSING
  129. Reformulação de massas para pavimentos cerâmicos fabricados pelo processo de monoqueima – CERÂMICA INDUSTRIAL
  130. Relation of Brazilian institutional users and technical assistances with electronics and their waste: What has changed? – RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING
  131. Remediation of a synthetic textile wastewater from polyester-cotton dyeing combining biological and photochemical oxidation processes – SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY
  132. Removal of bisphenol A by laccases from Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus pulmonarius and evaluation of ecotoxicity of degradation products – CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
  133. Removal of reactive blue 21 and reactive red 195 dyes using horseradish peroxidase as catalyst – BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  134. Residue-based Iron Oxide Catalyst for the Degradation of Simulated Petrochemical Wastewater via Heterogeneous photo-Fenton Process – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  135. Reuse of wastewaters on dyeing of polyester fabric with encapsulated disperse dye – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  136. Second-generation ethanol from non-detoxified sugarcane hydrolysate by a rotting wood isolated yeast strain – BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY
  137. Selectivity of supercritical CO 2 extraction and atmospheric pressure techniques for the major volatile compounds of Eugenia involucrata leaves from Southern Brazil – FOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
  138. Self-cleaning ceramic tiles coated with Nb2O5-doped-TiO2 nanoparticles – CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
  139. Simulation and Control of Steam Reforming of Natural Gas – Reactor Temperature Control Using Residual Gas – INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH
  140. Simultaneous Effect of Reaction Temperature and Concentration of Surfactant in Organo-Bentonite Synthesis – MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM
  141. Sistema de Monitoração Ventilatória e Auxílio ao Diagnóstico – SINERGIA
  142. Study and application of an enzymatic pool in bioscouring of cotton knit fabric – CANADIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  143. Surface energy effects on the stability of anatase and rutile nanocrystals: A predictive diagram for Nb2O5-doped-TiO2 – APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
  144. Synthesis and characterization of Y zeolites from alternative silicon and aluminium sources – MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
  145. Synthesis and Potential Adsorption of Fe3O4@C Core-Shell Nanoparticles for to Removal of Pollutants in Aqueous Solutions: A Brief Review – JOURNAL OF ADVANCED CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  146. Synthesis of eugenyl acetate by immobilized lipase in a packed bed reactor and evaluation of its larvicidal activity – PROCESS BIOCHEMISTRY
  147. Synthesis of fluorine-modified polysilazanes Si-H bond activation and their application as protective hydrophobic coatings – JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A
  148. Synthesis of geranyl cinnamate by lipase-catalyzed reaction and its evaluation as an antimicrobial agent – JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
  149. Synthesis of the polyurethane foam chitosan-coated for reactive dye adsorption – JOURNAL OF WATER PROCESS ENGINEERING
  150. Synthesis of Zeolites Prepared from Coal Bottom Ash: Influence of Time, Temperature and NaOH Concentration – SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES MANAGEMENT JOURNAL
  151. The Impact of the Block Freeze Concentration Process on Human Milk Properties Intended for Feeding Newborns – FOOD AND NUTRITION SCIENCES
  152. The Influence of Different Strategies for the Saccharification of the Banana Plant Pseudostem and the Detoxification of Concentrated Broth on Bioethanol Production – APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
  153. The role of environmental factors in the composition of anuran species in several ponds under the influence of coal mining in southern Brazil – WETLANDS ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT
  154. Thiol-ene miniemulsion polymerization of a biobased monomer for biomedical applications – COLLOIDS AND SURFACES B-BIOINTERFACES
  155. Thiol-ene polymerisation: A promising technique to obtain novel biomaterials – EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL
  156. TiO2/reduced graphene oxide composites for photocatalytic degradation in aqueous and gaseous medium – JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY
  157. TiO2-graphene nanocomposite supported on floating autoclaved cellular concrete for photocatalytic removal of organic compounds – JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
  158. Toxicity of clove essential oil and its ester eugenyl acetate against Artemia salina – BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY
  159. Transparent ceramic and glass-ceramic materials for armor applications – CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
  160. Uma visão geral dos processos especiais de acabamentos têxteis – QUÍMICA TÊXTIL
  161. Use of mechanically-activated kaolin to replace ball clay in engobe for a ceramic tile – CERÂMICA
  162. Waste-containing clinkers: Valorization of alternative mineral sources from pulp and paper mills – PROCESS SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
  163. X-ray crystallography as a tool to determine three-dimensional structures of commercial enzymes subjected to treatment in pressurized fluids – APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY